Friday 1 January 2016

Let's Draw London in 2016

This is the provisional list of sketchcrawls and dates in 2016. Below you'll find places that we plan to visit each month and the date of the sketchcrawl where this is now definite.

More about what's Involved in organised and leading an USK London event at the end of this post.



These may change over the course of the year
16th January

Canary Wharf 

This has lots of areas with interesting architecture under cover. Examples include: the Crossrail Sky Garden) and the showpiece Canary Wharf station designed by Sir Norma Foster
Crossrail Sky Garden
plus "the big dig in the dock" (cranes below the water level don't happen that often!)
The big dig in the dock last month
PLUS a skating rink and the installation of Winter Lights
20th February

The Wallace Collection and Manchester Square

Sketching in the Wallace Collection by Katherine Tyrrell
19th March

St. Pancras and British Library (under cover)

St Pancras Station by James Hobbs
16th April

The Galleries: Royal Academy,  White Cube, Christies (King Street) and St. James

Royal Academy - courtyard of Burlington House, Piccadilly by Katherine Tyrrell
14th May

Parliament, the Bridges and Big Ben:

Houses of Parliament+ Lambeth Bridge + Westminster Bridge

PLUS additional option re. Loughton Festival
18th June

Richmond: Richmond Green to Richmond Bridge - a walk along the river 

Plus an option to sketch from Richmond Hill - a view protected by an act of parliament
Richmond Bridge and Terrace Gardens by Nathan Brenville
23rd July - pre Symposium

Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace via The Mall, Horseguards and Green Park

This is a repeat of last August's sketchcrawl which worked very well

We'll be investigating what dates work best for those coming to the UK to attend the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Manchester - who'd also like to come to a sketchcrawl in London.
Admiralty Arch - at the end of The Mall - by Lis Watkins

20th August

Different perspectives on Greenwich- see Let's Draw Greenwich - details of where and when to meet and places to sketch

Meet at 11.00am, 1pm and 3.30pm under the bows of the Cutty Sark.
More details follow the link to the full blog post -

17th September
Little Venice and Paddington Basin from Ladbroke Grove
by Nick Kobyluch
15th October
Exploring Smithfield.
12th November
(under cover options available within Tate Britain)

MI6 Vauxhall Cross
MI6 Building - Spy Central! Opposite Tate Britain and adjacent to Vauxhall Bridge
10th December

Christmas in Covent Garden:Covent Garden / London Transport Museum / Royal Opera House Terrace - views down on to Covent Garden

(under arcade and other under cover options)
The view of the Transport Museum and Covent Garden
from the terrace of the Royal Opera House

What's Involved in organised and leading an USK London event

As indicated previously, Nathan Brenville has left London for a new life in Spain and we are now actively looking for new people to help out with the organisation and leading of the sketchcrawls.

Here's what's involved in organising and leading a "Let's Draw" event for London Urban Sketchers.

It's absolutely OK for more than one person to agree to take on responsibility for an event if two or three people would like to work together. We'd be happy to advice

What needs doing

  • find the best places for a large group to assemble at the beginning, lunchtime and the end. It needs to be somewhere where we don't obstruct other people
  • find the places to go if it rains!
  • a blog post beforehand - to provide guidance on where and when. You can ask for help with images for the post.
  • take photos of people and sketches on the day - at lunchtime and at the end - and upload them to the Urban Sketchers Flickr Group Pool afterwards
  • a blog post afterwards - to record the event and show what happened

You need to be....

  • a regular participant in the group i.e. somebody who sketches London regularly and has
    • either posted work to the Facebook Group and
    • or has regularly attended Let's Draw events in 2015
  • somebody who knows and observes the Urban Sketchers Manifesto
  • somebody who knows the area well - or is prepared to research it in advance - we all need to know the good places to sketch!
  • OK about talking to people and answering lots of questions
  • Punctual - and there to provide advice to people at the beginning 
  • Willing to 
    • research the location e.g. where are the public toilets / places to get sandwiches and hot drinks before, during and afterwards!
    • sketch less and help out more on the day
If you think you'd be interested in helping out please contact us via a comment below or speak to Katherine Tyrrell or James Hobbs at any of the Let's Draw events.


  1. This is on 14th to 17th January so coincides with 16th January event

  2. We could maybe try some events either side. It certainly explains the Lights at canary Wharf!

    Thanks Jean!

  3. Thanks; hugely helpful. All in my diary. Happy to assist in helping eg Richmond (home town) Later part of schedule will have to await RFU and FA release of fixtures....

    1. Many thanks John - we've also had another offer of help from Helen who also lives in the area so maybe we'll be able to get something sorted on this one!

  4. Thanks for publishing this. It's really useful for planning trips to the city.

  5. I'd be happy to share the lead on the March (St. Pancras) and October (Granary Square) sketchcrawls as I've drawn round the area quite a bit already.


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