Wednesday 27 May 2020

Summer Evenings Sketching - 17 June, 15 July and 19 August 2020

Wednesdays June 17th, July 15th, August 19th

For two years we have enjoyed the vibrancy of central London’s summer after work culture – and a damp glass or two.  Not having worked in London for years I was amazed at the buzz and loved it.
Next year we will do it for real again.   

Meantime the next best thing.  

Location:  We can’t meet at a common place so we’ll sketch at home or anywhere we can get to within the rules. 

Wet weather alternative:  If the weather isn’t going to be suitable on the date then sketch on another evening before.

Times:  There are no rules but try to keep to the evening on each date or one or two before and then join in a collective Facebook throw down at 8:00 pm.  We’d like to keep the feel of an event together but if you can’t don’t worry post when you can – we all want to enjoy each others work.
So please join us all with something cool and white in a glass (other colours are available) between 6pm and 8pm then share….

Loose ideas/themes:
·         June 17th        : Alfresco refreshment
·         July 15th         : Fun, games, entertainment
·         August 19th    : Relaxation

These are all open to interpretation home or away……. Enjoy!