Friday 2 September 2022

London by Urban Sketchers - Open exhibition: Submission deadline 18 September!

Sketch by Isabel Carmona

As we approach the end of our 10th Birthday Year, it's time to showcase our work to the public and our friends and families 

Prepare your artwork for display at the

London by Urban Sketchers - Open Exhibition

at The Art Pavilion in Mile End Park 

8 - 16 October 2022

The Art Pavilion in Mile End Park
Photo courtesy of Visit London

What's the deadline?

We're accepting submissions until midnight (GMT) of Sunday 18 September 2022.
Once we've received your images, we will let you know by Tuesday 20 September 2022 if your work is selected.

Who can submit?

We welcome submissions from any sketcher in the UK or abroad who has drawn London on location in a way that meets the criteria of the Urban Sketchers Manifesto.

How do sketchers submit their artwork?

To submit your artwork for the exhibition, scroll down to the big red 'Exhibition submission form' button below. You will need to agree to our Terms and Conditions, which are set out below and included on the submission form.

Sketch by Ray Chan

What are we looking for?

We want to see a variety of sketches and paintings that tell a story of London.
Each person can submit up to four sketches. There is a hanging fee for each artwork selected: 
  • £5 for 1 picture
  • £9 for 2 pictures
  • £12 for 3 pictures 
  • £15 for 4 pictures.

Sketch by Lis Watkins

What if someone wants to buy my art?

Your art can be either for sale or NFS (Not For Sale) at the exhibition. Urban Sketchers London will process all sales during the exhibition, and will take a 10% commission on the price of each artwork sold (see our Terms and Conditions below). Please take our commission into account when setting your prices.

Here are our terms and conditions

  • For each artwork you submit, you must include the medium, size and sale price. If your form is not complete, we will not be able to display it or promote it.
  • Use the 'Exhibition submission form' button below to submit your images via our Google form. Alternatively, you can send us your images by email.
  • Urban Sketchers London will charge a commission of 10% for each artwork sold. Please take this into account when you price your artwork. Please also note our hanging fees listed below. 

If your artwork is selected, you agree to the following points

  • Deliver your work to us on the specified Receiving Day at the Exhibition venue:
        Mile End Art and Community Centre
        The Art Pavillion
        Mile End Park
        Clinton Road, London E3 4QY. 

  • Ensure your artwork is ready to display, complete with hanging cord for 2D work. 
  • Be sure your artwork is covered by insurance for any eventuality, from the moment you hand it in to the moment you collect it.
  • Pay your hanging fee (by cash or card) when you hand it in on Receiving Day. The fees are as follows:
        £5 for one picture
        £9 for 2 pictures
        £12 for 3 pictures
        £15 for 4 pictures.

  • Collect unsold work from the exhibition venue on the date and time specified in Exhibition Details.
  • If your artwork is sold we will notify you, and at the end of the exhibition we will send you instructions as to how to invoice Urban Sketchers London. There will be a small payment transaction fee for each sale -- we will deduct this fee before we calculate our 10% commission.   
  • You agree that Urban Sketchers London may use the images you sent us to promote the event, either in printed literature or on social media.

And this is what Urban Sketchers London will do for you
  • Display the selected artworks, curate the exhibition, open and steward the display during exhibition opening times, and process payments for the sale of all artworks
  • Respond in a timely manner to artists' queries about sales, and notify exhibitors when their artwork is sold.  

Would you like to be a volunteer steward? 

If you are willing to help steward the exhibition, feel free to send us a message by email. We would love to hear from you.

Here is the link for submissions 

Just click the button below to go to the submission form and submit your sketches. 
Google Form for Exhibition submission

Any questions?

If you have any questions, just drop us an email.

Sketch by Jane Cradock-Watson

See you at the exhibition!

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