Thursday 12 October 2017

Who runs Urban Sketchers London?

Urban Sketchers London exists only because people who joined to sketch also volunteer to help to run it. We’d like to introduce who does what in Urban Sketchers London, and to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who helps to run the group.

Urban Sketchers London is a chapter of Urban Sketchers International. We uphold the Urban Sketchers International principles, one of which is that we do not charge people to participate in our sketching events. There are no fees, no subscriptions, no bank account. Everything we do is a gift to keep the group going.

We nominate three regional administrators who keep in touch with Urban Sketchers International. Currently these are Lis Watkins, Jo Dungey and Isabel Carmona. Here are the other roles and responsibilities in Urban Sketchers London:

Facebook administrators - Isabel Carmona, Jean Edwards, Nick Richards

Twitter administrators - Jean Edwards, James Hobbs

Flickr administrator - Christine Kaltoft, James Hobbs

Blog editor - Cynthia Barlow Marrs

Sketchcrawl co-ordinators - Jo Dungey, Lis Watkins

Sketchcrawl leaders in 2017 -  Isabel Carmona, Dionisa Joseph Mattam, Olga Mackness, Lis Watkins, Nick Richards, Jo Dungey, Elizabeth Blunt, Daniel Lloyd-Morgan, Evelyn Rowland, Nicky Browne, Gafung Wong, John Webb, Helen Hayhoe, Dougie Simpson, Cathryn Worrell, John Swanson and Philip Stones.

We are very grateful to everyone who helps — and we’re always on the lookout for more people who would like to be involved. Our events and our engagement in social media happen only because individuals who joined us in order to draw also give their time and effort to the running of the group.

Thank you!