Sunday 30 December 2018

An Urban Sketchers year in review - We drew London in 2018

Happy New Year from Urban Sketchers London

Thank you for making this such a brilliant year.  See you in 2019! 

Let's draw London in 2019

We drew London in 2018 

January - The Wellcome Collection
Led by Jo Dungey and Cathryn Worrell

February - Tate Britain
Led by Lis Watkins and Gafung Wong

March - Leadenhall Market
Led by Olga Mackness and Cathryn Worrell

April - Walthamstow
Led by Elizabeth Blunt and Philip Stones

May - Three Mills Island
Led by Martin Stone and Steven Baker

June - Twickenham
Led by Helen Hayhoe, John Webb and John Swanson

July - St Katharine Docks
Led by Jo Dungey and Gafung Wong

Summer evening sketching south of the River Thames
June - The Golden Hinde and Southark Cathedral led by Jo Dungey and Lis Watkins
July - Flat Iron Square led by John Webb and Jo Dungey
August - Gabriel's Wharf led by Gafung Wong and John Webb

August - Chiswick House and Garden
Led by Nicky Browne and Jo Dungey

September - Holland Park and the Design Museum
Led by Nicky Browne and Olga Mackness

October - Soho
Led by Lis Watkins and Evelyn Rowland 

November - National Army Museum and Chelsea
Led by Olga Mackness and John Swanson

December - Bloomsbury and the British Museum
Led by Jo Dungey and Isabel Carmona

Let's draw London in 2019!