Tuesday 26 June 2018

We drew Twickenham - June 2018

Twickenham Riverside: Katy Evans

(Helen Hayhoe writes) We met at 11am on a day of predicted mixed weather. We were delighted to see a number of new people, who were welcomed with the Urban Sketchers' usual warmth.

CafĂ© Sunshine provided great coffee, then we set out. People chose boats, the riverside, the rock legend that is Eel Pie Island, the Church Street market and the ‘Naked Ladies’ sculptures to sketch. Plenty of interest there.

Sketching the Oceanids or Naked Ladies statues

The Crazy Naked Ladies: Steven Baker

To wake the soul by tender strokes of art: Gafung Wong

River scene: Gafung Wong

Bertha: Mike Whalley

Apart from a stream of walkers the scene was peaceful and folk brought some wonderful work to the 1pm show and tell. We enjoyed eating lunch and sketching in the street market and pubs.

The group meets at lunchtime

The street market in Church Street was also a great subject for sketching.

Church Street, Twickenham: Jimmy Lu
In the afternoon we feared rain, so most decided to continue sketching locally rather than going down to Marble Hill Park. Some visited the Orleans Gallery exhibition in which work from John Webb and John Swanson was among the collection.
John Swanson
Crane: John Swanson

The 3.30pm throw down revealed the usual high standard, diverse viewpoints and techniques.  People scattered to various watering holes and, bar one lost and found phone, it was the end of a happy day.

Afternoon group photo