Tuesday 26 September 2023

To remind: Let's draw Chiswick Riverside - Saturday 30 September 2023

Urban Sketchers London in Totally Thames 2022 
This will be the throwdown location for 2023 

Photo by Sam Mills 

In September we return to the Thames riverside around Chiswick Pier as part of Totally Thames 2023 organised by the Thames Festival Trust.

The day is run by Helen Hayhoe and Sasala Wickramasinghe.

This month is a collaboration between the Thames Festival Trust and Urban Sketchers London, hosted by the Chiswick Pier Trust. We are part of the Totally Thames Festival, which brings a bonus to both our organisations.

If you missed the original blog post, don't worry -- you'll find all the details here

And for those of you who follow Urban Sketchers London on Facebook, each of our sketchwalk events now has its own chat group. This helps us stay in touch with you on the day if, for some reason, there is a last minute change of plan. So do join the chat, and let's stay in touch.

See you at Chiswick Pier!


Let's draw London in 2023 -- Find our full programme here.
Coming soon: the Urban Sketchers London programme for 2024 -- watch for it!

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