Friday 14 August 2015

Wardour Street, W1

When I was in my teens, I thought this was the most exciting street on earth. Number 160 is now the Yamaha Music shop but still bears an acknowledgement to the company it was built for in 1906, Novello's Music Publishers. This was my second visit, I didn't get much done on the first visit because it was way too hot, and this afternoon it started raining. I'll be back ...

Thursday 13 August 2015

URGENT UPDATE: Sketchcrawl now switched to Sunday 16th August

The Sketchcrawl Let's Draw - Trafalgar Square, The Mall & St James Park - Saturday 15th August 2015 is MOVING TO SUNDAY 16TH AUGUST

We always do a search to see if there's anything coming up in an area at the time but somehow or other the VJ Day celebrations did not pop up as something happening on that day.

It's a big celebration this year because it's the 70th and consequently the last major celebration at which many people who participated in that theatre of the second world war will be able to participate.

However the important thing for our sketchcrawl is that it will take place on the same day - and in exactly the same area (see map below).

The area of our sketchcrawl on Saturday will therefore have:
  • lots of roads closed (Click on the map below to see the very large version of how the road closures work on Saturday)
  • lots of barriers up to keep people from moving across roads
  • lots of people around and about - and circulating across the area will be a lot more difficult
  • lots of security (re. the alleged bomb plots and - as you can imagine - they'll be very interested in people walking around with backpacks on!)
VJ Day Celebrations
This is the Metropolitan Police Map of the Road Closures on Saturday 16th August
So - we've decided we need to change the date. People were sounded out at short notice via the Facebook Group Event listing and we've decided to change to the Sunday.

Profuse apologies to all those who cannot now make it - but we thought a more enjoyable environment and no hassle for backpackers was more important for our sketchcrawl.

Anybody who has bought a train ticket should be able to change it or get a refund.

For those feeling intrepid and determined to brave the crowds you can find details here of what will be happening re the flypast by three historic service, the drumhead service and big screens. Please also be alert for security considerations.

If anybody knows of a listing which identifies events in specific areas by specific dates we'd like to know about it as we did check before deciding on the date!