Thursday 7 October 2021

We drew Pitzhanger Manor - 25 September 2021

(Zane Karklina and Sasala Wickramasinghe write)

Morning sketchers group on the stone benches behind the manor

We're still going strong with the live sketchwalks: third one since pandemic restrictions lifted.

Despite some dreary weather earlier in the morning, we had another great turnout of over 40 sketchers throughout the day.

Again, we welcomed quite a few new sketchers as well as our regulars.

Most of us stayed within Pitzhanger Manor and Walpole Park, and captured the impressive Victorian revival architecture and the grounds from many different angles. 

Sketch by Zane Karklina

Sketch by Patricia Burbridge

Pitzhanger kitchen gardens sketched by Puja 

A few sketchers also captured the exhibits by the New British Sculpture artist Julian Opie:

Sketch by Sarah Minty

Sketch by Helen Hayhoe

And some of us ventured out to draw other places of interest on Ealing Broadway:

Ealing Town Hall by Cynthia Barlow Marrs

The Welsh Presbyterian Church on Ealing Green, by Martin Stone

Everyone gathered for a final group photo on the grounds with Pitzhanger Manor as the backdrop:

Afternoon group behind the Manor

Another successful Urban Sketchers London meeting was rounded off with a drink at the BrewDog pub on Ealing Broadway; and even the sun came out! 

Drink and chat at the Brewdog, sketched by Adam Topor

Our next meeting will be held on Saturday the 16th of October in Woolwich. The theme for October will be Regeneration -- please see the blogpost for more details.

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