Monday 20 August 2018

We drew Chiswick House and Gardens - August 2018

(Nicky Browne writes)  Lord Burlington's elegant eighteenth century Chiswick House and Gardens hosted a dry and pleasant August sketchcrawl.  The gardens are famous for their cedars and their serpentine paths through the woods.  There are sculptures, a waterfall and a temple beside a small lake with an obelisk. 
Most people challenged themselves by drawing the Palladian house with its six columns and dome, and did so impressively and magnificently!
Lord Burlington's design was influenced principally by the architecture of classical Rome, and also by its re-interpreter, Andrea Palladio.  It is said to be based on Palladio's last masterpiece, Villa Capra, known as La Rotunda, near Vicenza in Italy and there is a statue to him at the front of the building. 
Certainly Burlington followed Palladio's thesis: “form formed by the landscape and forming the landscape”.  William Kent the architect and garden designer developed the surrounding park in keeping with this concept.
Photographs by Nicky Browne