Thursday 1 November 2018

Brentford Community Stadium

24 October 2018

[John Webb] Brentford Football Club have just lost their reasonably effective Head Coach to rivals Aston Villa, replaced by his assistant.  Result, a plummet down the Championship table. However our new stadium rises up spectacularly just north of Kew Bridge. The steel frame for the South Stand is complete and work has started for the terraces of the east and west stands. It will soon be revealing the skeleton shape of a stadium.

I have just completed 4 more progress sketches - other 3 on Facebook - this one a couple of cherry pickers/steel fixers at the corner of the South Stand where it abuts the road. It is close! I had just finished and was leaving when I saw this 'stop me in my tracks' geometric contre-jour. Watercolour wash; marker pen/brush drawing.