Friday 17 November 2017

London marks 10 years of USk

[Posted by James Hobbs] Urban Sketchers is 10. When Gabi Campanario set up its Flickr group in 2007 he could hardly have imagined how far and wide things would go. (The Flickr group now has 10,000 members and more than a quarter of a million images, never mind the other social media routes.) Last weekend, as part of the global sketchwalk organised by Urban Sketchers to celebrate the anniversary, the London group met at the Imperial War Museum, on Remembrance Day, to draw and talk. (The fifth anniversary of the London USk group slipped by earlier this year.)

Moved as I was by the museum's collection, I drew outside: firstly (top image) in the Tibetan Peace Garden in the museum's grounds, opened by the Dalai Lama in 1999, and then the grippingly brutalist Lambeth Towers nearby (below).

Thanks to Isabel Carmona and John Swanson for organising the day at the museum, and to Jo Dungey and Lis Watkins in particular for getting the 2018 events planned.

I can recommend following the #uskglobal24hrsketchwalk thread on Instagram to see how far and wide USk has spread. It's quite a moving journey.