Monday 16 September 2019

We drew at Trinity Buoy Wharf - September 2019

We had a great day sketching at Trinity Buoy Wharf on Sunday 15 September.  This is the location of London's only lighthouse, which was a popular subject for sketches, as was the bright red lightship.  Others drew the colourful container buildings and artists' studios.  The Wharf offers dramatic views of the river, across to the O2 (Millennium Dome), to Canary Wharf and to the east.  Some great panoramic views were produced.  London is always changing, and it was interesting to portray scenes which are not the traditional postcard views of the city.
Photographs are by Gafung Wong and Jo Dungey, who ran the day.  Our next sketchcrawl is on Saturday 5 October 2019, when we will be drawing the City of London, meeting by the Guildhall.  Scroll down this blog for information.