Friday 13 March 2020


About the coronavirus outbreak – update

(Jo Dungey writes) Lis Watkins, Isobel Carmona and I have discussed the situation, and we have decided to CANCEL the  Urban Sketchers London sketchcrawl on Saturday 14 March to Elephant and Castle. 

This is in the light of the government emergency COBRA meeting on the Coronavirus which has changed the official policy from ‘Containment’ to ‘Delay’. We have decided to be very cautious, as public health advice seems to be moving towards cancellation of unnecessary gatherings.

We apologise to those who are disappointed and for the late change to what we had said about this event.

We will decide on future events one month at a time: so check here and our Facebook page for updates.  Please stay safe, and post your sketches on our Facebook and Flikr pages.  Remember the draw 100 people challenge, wherever you live.  Do use our Facebook page to suggest small informal meet-ups and challenges.  Keep sketching.

Again, we are very sorry to do this - it was not an easy decision.