Sunday 10 May 2020


[Helen Hayhoe writes] I’d like to say hello as the new third administrator of USK London. It will be difficult to fill Jo Dungey’s small but powerful shoes; she’s a very hard act to follow but I know that the team and the wider group are a source of mutual support.

I’m a lifelong sketcher in a compulsive but informal way. I enjoy using watercolour, fine liners and also love iPad sketching. I’ve had no art training until I did an art foundation last year, when I retired. Urban sketching has been a wonderful discovery and I have enjoyed attending and co-running Sketchcrawls over the last 5 years or so. I love to learn from what I see in others‘ work. The recent ‘Let’s Draw Twickenham’ virtual Sketchcrawl revealed again the creativity and diversity of the group.  I enjoyed the 30 day challenge and am currently having a go at the USK Stoke version.

Where would we be without our sketching? I was sorry to cancel my Airbnb for the Leeds symposium but am looking forward to meeting everyone again. Strangely I feel I’ve got to know people better in sharing our lockdown sketches, just need to match names and faces now. Can’t wait!

A few lockdown sketches

IPad view from the window
30 days sketching concertina
‘Let’s Draw Twickenham’ virtual Sketchcrawl