Tuesday 23 April 2019

Drawing a house and visiting it a year later

(Olga Mackness writes)
I like Greenwich and I think this is one of the best areas in London for drawing Victorian architecture. I have sketched this view near Greenwich station - and did not even know the name of the road in my sketch. I just liked this street because it looks almost exactly like 100 years ago. Small terraced cottages - together with some bigger 3 storey houses, old chimneys, old roof tiles.
Since drawing this street, few month later I have met a new friend - and she invited me for Easter lunch in her house.
She has given me her address - and only on approaching I realised that this is the same street!
The one I liked so much!
And now I am able to visit one of the houses, meet the people, who live there.
How lucky and how interesting.
This is the photo of the street taken on Easter Day
Different weather and different light.
Hope to return for more sketching there - spotted interesting looking pub and some old school buildings.