Our London -- An interactive sketch map

We're putting your London sketches on the map

Welcome to Our London, the new USk London interactive map project. 

We're collecting your sketches and pinning them on a virtual map of London. We've started by filling the map with drawings from sketchcrawls over the past few years. But as you can see, there is more ground to cover within the M25. Perhaps you have a sketch of your local area to contribute?

If you have a suitable sketch and would like to share it with us, here's what you need to do:
Send us an email with the subject line "My London" 
- attach a good scan or photo of your sketch
- include a few words to tell the story behind it
- tell us the location of your sketch so we can pin it on the map
- be sure to include your name, so we can give you credit.

Important note: If your submission doesn't include enough information, or if it does not clearly comply with Urban Sketchers principles, we won't be able to use it -- so please check twice before you hit Send.

Thanks in advance for your contributions. Get your London neighbourhood on the map!



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