Monday 10 January 2022

Let's not draw Waterloo Station yet - 15 January 2022


Paulina Little
Waterloo Station

[ by Helen Hayhoe ]

Urban sketchers are resilient and good at problem solving, which is why we know that people will respond to a change in our sketch meeting planned for 15 January. 

We are scheduled to visit Waterloo Station for the start of our 10th anniversary year. Even though the station is under cover, it seems unwise to invite Omicron into our sketchcrawl. 

We are therefore proposing to defer the Waterloo meet up to Saturday 12 March, but to encourage people to sketch in the smaller groups that have arisen during the last years, or individually. 

I had a look through our Urban Sketchers London Facebook page for sketches to do with travel, transport, stations and even walking, and came up with some gems. Here they are for inspiration.

We invite you to sketch where you can, and post your sketches on social media on or around 15 January. Remember to use the hashtag #urbansketcherslondon so we can find your drawings. 

Please keep an eye on the blog for updates for the Waterloo sketchcrawl in March, as there may be a few bits we need to comply with, such as signing in. 

Cynthia Barlow Marrs
Train to Waterloo - Something about this scene appealed to me, perhaps because I'd never seen a fellow passenger reading such a hefty book. 

Pascal Fessler
Charing Cross from Waterloo Bridge

Steven Baker 
Another enjoyable day sketching in Covent Garden. My drawing of the back of the London Transport Museum. Managed to not get rained on but abandoned ship a bit early - cold.

Helen Hayhoe

In lockdown I stood in my road and drew everyone who came by, making a cumulative crowd. The postman featured heavily as he did his round.

Alison Gardiner

Drawn on High Holborn ....after two laps of the London Freecycle event in Central London. Fantastic to be one of thousands of cyclists of all ages enjoying safe streets today! (Managed to get a mobile phone in. I'm sure he was looking ahead as well!)

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