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Let's Draw Canary Wharf - 16th January 2016

The next Let's Draw event for urban sketchers in London will be at Canary Wharf on Saturday 16th January 2016. 

UPDATE: re Let's Draw Canary Wharf 16 January 2016


Our events are always FREE to anybody who would like to turn up and have a go at urban sketching.

Here are 
  • the details of venues and times for start/lunch/finish 
  • more information about what's on offer to sketch.

Note that sketching the Lumiere 'objects d'art' will be best after 4pm so I'm assuming those that want to sketch them at their best will want to stay later. 

I'm assuming some people may not have been to Canary Wharf before so am providing a bit more information than usual. I'd make very sure you have access to a printout of a good map - or one on your phone - as it can be confusing at times - although well signposted.

Canary Wharf Station


  • START venue/time: Canary Wharf Station @ 11:00 UPDATE: next to the clock on the ticket concourse between the up escalators to the platforms
  • LUNCH: 1:00pm - Crossrail Sky Garden - in the North Dock (semi-circular seating area - see photo) You will see signposts to the Sky Garden.  UPDATE: in the below ground eating area of the Jubilee Shopping Mall - entrance in Jubilee Place
  • FINISH: 3:30pm - Canary Wharf Station UPDATE: Next to the West Entrance to Canary Wharf Underground Station - between Jubilee Place and Middle Dock
  • AFTERWARDS: 4:00pm I'm going to try and locate a place to have a drink where we can see the Lumiere Crussh in Jubilee Place Shopping Mall
See UPDATE: re Let's Draw Canary Wharf 16 January 2016 for photographs of what different places look like.

[Please note: the Sketchcrawls Page is now called "Let's draw London in 2016"]

Crossrail Sky Garden amphitheatre semi-circular seating
- good for sitting eat sandwiches and a photo at lunchtime!


    Click this map to see a larger version of where the Winter Lights are at Canary Wharf
    For those wanting to orientate themselves relative to how the docks sued to be here's a map of the docks in 1899

    Isle of Dogs in 1899
    The Sky Garden is located in what was then the West India - Import Dock
    The two parks are either side and overlapping what was the West India Export Dock
    The South Dock -where the Big Dig is happening used to be called West India -South  Dock.

    More information - a summary


    Refreshments: This is the Store Guide for where everything is. Sandwiches can be bought from:
    • Marks and Spencer (Jubilee Place Shopping Mall)
    • Waitrose (Canada Place Shopping Mall)
    • meals can be had at various other places of refreshment
    Toilets: These are not so obvious. However, there are public toilets in all the shopping malls at Canary Wharf. They are located as follows:
    • Cabot Place, Mall Level -1, behind Citibank
    • Canada Place, Mall Level -1, at the end of the corridor opposite Robert Dyas
    • Churchill Place, Mall Level -1, behind James Shoe Care
    • Jubilee Place, Mall Level -1, adjacent to Gourmet Burger Kitchen
    • Canary Wharf - getting here
    • Docklands Light Railway - The DLR network runs from Bank and Tower Gateway to Stratford, Beckton and Lewisham. For some of the trains the Canary Wharf station is the point where you change - so it's BIG!
    • Tube: Jubilee Line - link lists journey times
    • Bus:135, 277, D3, D7, D8 
    • Transport for London's Plan a Journey
    • Parking: park your car at the weekend in the car parks. You can get three hours free at the weekend if you spend more than £10 in any of the shops/cafes and get your ticket validated. 

    More Information - specific places / installations

    Canary Wharf DLR Station 

    This is a large station for the Docklands Light Railway in the centre of Canary Wharf with some amazing architecture.

    Note this is NOT the Canary Wharf Jubilee Line station.

    Crossrail Sky Garden

    The Crossrail Sky Garden was opened this summer.

    View of the Sky Garden. It contains two of the light installations in January

    The Big Dig - South Dock

    There's a big going on at present in the South Dock - presumably to provide foundations for another skyscraper.  Great for those who like construction and machinery to sketch!

    See the map for the location where this photo was taken from in November. The three cranes on the right are iconic and preserved from the days of the docks. On the left you can see part of the O2 Arena.

    The Big Dig in South Dock - from the edge of Montgomery Square

    The Ice Rink

    You can visit and sketch skaters on London’s largest outdoor ice rink Ice Rink Canary Wharf in Canada Square Park.

    Skaters are good fun to sketch as although they keep moving they also keep making the same repeated movements and after a while you find you are sketching a bit of people and then waiting for them to come round again so you can finish them off!

    (I'm checking whether or not we need a ticket to watch and sketch the skaters. You don't need a ticket at other ice rinks - but worth checking!)

    Canary Wharf - Winter Lights 

    This is an exhibition of 18 light installations which has just been installed and is on until 22 January. The best effect will be enjoyed by anybody who decides to stay late.  I suspect this will be decided by the weather and the best place to view them from somewhere warm!
    My understanding is that this event is associated with the Lumiere London event which runs from 14-17 January in Central London.

    If you have any queries please send them to the contact email address in the side column or on the sketchcrawls page.

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