Sunday, 16 December 2012

New Oxford street

New Oxford Street, London
A sketch of the corner of New Oxford street and Tottenham court road. I rested my sketchbook on the handrailing next to the pedestrian crossing.
I was staying in the St. Giles hotel, just a block away, and went there before breakfast to draw this. On the left you see the Dominion theatre, which features the "we will rock you" (Queen) musical.



  1. Lovely and lively Rene. Interesting how you have a fair bit of ink (cross-hatching) where you didn't paint and then much less where you poped out the colours.

    I imagine this sketchbook is on a chain around your neck after your last visit.

  2. I love this, I know this place so well and I'm so happy to see it in a sketch, you've encouraged me to go down there with my paint box!

  3. I like it, Rene. A view I know well from waiting for late-night 73 buses home.

  4. Thanks John, you are right, after the robbery I don't take the books with me as often as I used to do, which means losing opportunities for drawing.
    Adebanji, I am looking forward to your image of the place!
    James, looking at the amount of buslines at this crossing, it's hard not to pass it whenever to travel by bus in London!

  5. Wow, I like it so much....

    Greetings from Germany

  6. wow, not only is it a wonderfully lively sketch, you deserve extra congratulations for choosing to draw at one of the busiest corners in London at the busiest time of year!! Just walking through here is bad enough, I might go slightly insane if I stood here for any length of time!

  7. Thanks Nathan, actually I was there before breakfast at about 7.30am on a Saturday morning. It was still all right at that moment of day.


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