Tuesday 25 December 2012


Merry Christmas everyone!
Did anyone get any good London based urban sketching related presents this year?
I was surprised with "Hugh Casson's London", first published in 1983, which I can thoroughly recommend as a wonderful collection of watercolours true to the spirit of the urban sketching manifesto.

I've been looking to snap up a cheapish copy of Ronald Searle's amazing "Looking at London" (1953) for a while now, I discovered the books of David Gentleman this year, and I also want to check out Geoffrey Fletcher's London.
But I'd be interested to know if anyone can recommend any other books by artists whose focus is on location drawings of London? I haven't seen too many books that are comprised entirely of this, and I'm always excited to discover them.


  1. I forgot to mention there's also Chiang Yee's 'The Silent Traveller In London'.
    Any others I should look out for?

  2. just received the Ronald Searle and Kaye Webb. Excellent London tales and lovely illustrations.

  3. I received London, You're Beautiful by David Gentleman from my sketcher cousin Pete (Scully) all the way from California. Rather nice.


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