Monday, 10 December 2012

It seemed like a good idea at the time, but when the day came, as the rain drove down in biting winds, our booking of a November cruise along the river seemed a bit daft. It was supposed to be an architectural cruise, with a guide pointing out sites of architectural interest. The commentary was indeed informative, but the weather meant all our views were through steamed-up windows.
The  mulled wine was barely warm and the  mince pies were cold... I only managed 2 drawings. Curiously both of them include a view of ther appalling new tower that has gone up at St George's wharf, Vauxhall. Not the best day out.
Towards Vauxhall from Westminster.  Dilute inks

Approaching Vauxhall Bridge. Pencil


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  1. I know this feeling. We once went on a boat trip off Suffolk where the "seal" we saw was a floating log, and the highlight, Canada geese, were much further away than they are at our local park. At least you got some drawings out of it.


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