Thursday, 22 November 2012

Oil Sketching at night in London

This year I tried out something really weird, I tried oil sketching at night, I had done this in Bath and done a sketch of Tower Bridge at night with watercolours but I hadn't done them in oils. All these were done on  location with oils on board. The size of the board is 10" x 8". I use a head lamp and I always make sure there is a Street lamp or artificial light from somewhere around before I can make a set up at a particular Scene. It's really great painting at night as the light doesn't change. One has to be a great risk taker with the colours as they sometimes appear different when taken indoors under a different light source.

Royal Court Theatre At Night, Oil on Board, 10" x 8", 2012

Royal Court Theatre At Night-Adebanji at work

Royal Court Theatre At Night-The Scene and the set-up

Trafalgar Square at Night during the Olympics, 20" x 8", Oil on Board, 2012

Trafalgar Square at Night during the Olympics-Adebanji at work

Trafalgar Square at Night during the Olympics-The Scene and the set-up



  1. Nice that you show these night scenes here, I made the Tower Bridge sketch (previous post) late in the evening, but drew it as if it was by daylight. I had no choice, the lamps in the bar of the Tower Hotel were too dim. I tried night scenes before and I found that you need proper light to paint a decent night scene. Colours are difficult to catch. I know about someone wearing a lamp on his head. maybe an idea?

  2. Thanks Rene, the headlamp does come in handy.

  3. The Trafalgar picture has such yummy colours! You are giving me ideas with your oils post! ;)

  4. these look fantastic!
    even without the red bus or recognising trafalgar square, there's something very distinctly "london" about the atmosphere in them.


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