Thursday, 29 November 2012


British museum: mummy

British Museum, the Egyptian department. Above a real mummy on display. It's awkward to realise that this was a person real and alive about 3000 years ago. And now thousands of people, coming from countries he never knew existed, come to look at his remains.
I also sketched a nice model of the gifts the ancient Egypts buried in their graves, two beautiful and intricately detailed models of riverboats. The realistic pose and detailing of the boatsmen is stunning.
British museum: egypt



  1. Interesting post

    The Fleming Musuem in Burlington, Vermont has a mummy in a glass case. As I sketched her, I told her I'm sorry she isn't resting at her home.

  2. Yes indeed, I know what you mean, I felt a little awkward sketching this too.
    Funny that you refer to the Burlington Mummy as "she", I never for a moment thought about his/her gender, even though that would be the most determining factor of his/her life back then.

  3. Lovely flow of the medium in this! Great!


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