Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Tower bridge

Tower Bridge, London
I just returned home to the Netherlands from a lovely weekend in London. Our daughter presently studies for her Master at the Imperial College London, and we took the opportunity to visit her and the city as well.
I drew this sitting in front of the large windows of the 1st floor lobby of our hotel (hotel the Tower). I could rest my sore feet and have a nice Guinness while drawing this scene. Sometimes you have to make your luck.

Unfortunately the perfect weekend had a nasty ending: on our journey back in Brussels our backpack with all my travel sketching gear and one of my sketchbooks was stolen. This one is the only drawing left of the trip, it was packed in our suitcase.
Infuriating, it took years to assemble a comfortable sketching set, and now it's all gone.



  1. The bridge is done in November colors, very nice.

    My heart aches when I hear about stolen artwork and supplies. I pray whoever it is returns them.

  2. Lovely view, Rene. I've sat nearby to draw (but in the cold outside), and it's a great location.
    Sad to hear about your stolen travel kit. Insurance is no good for the unreplacable sketchbook, but I hope you're covered for the equipment.

  3. That is such a depressing experience! I get neurotic about my sketching gear when travelling - losing it is one thing, theft quite another.

    The sketch however is stunning - and I'm so sorry that we haven't been able to see the others.

    Maybe take a photo of them when finished next time?

  4. Great sketch of Tower Bridge! Always a great one!

    Hope you find it somehow! It's a very painful experience. I have lost a number of sketchbooks before and none has ever come back. :0(

  5. Thanks Maywin, James, Katherine and Adebanji, I already feel better with this support. I don't think it will ever be returned, all the stuff (except the camera and the money) probably ended up in some wet dumpster. Maybe I should take a picture each time, but in this case it wouldn't have helped, the camera was stolen as well....


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