Sunday 27 May 2012

Photos from the 1st "Let's Draw London" Sketchcrawl

Today we've got photographs taken during the course of yesterday's "Let's Draw London" Sketchcrawl of Fleet Street and Temple.

Around about 40 people assembled at Temple Station at 10:30am - although we think around about 50 participated during the course of the day.   

Urban Sketchers London joined forces with the Draw London on Location group which sketch London on a regular basis.  We'll be looking at swopping details about events in the future.  If you'd like to know more about Urban Sketchers events we suggest you subscribe to this blog.

Pete Scully organised the sketchcrawl and had leaflets for everybody which included maps of the area, places to sketch and watering holes.

Pete Scully introduces the Sketchcrawl
Urban Sketchers outside Template station listening to Pete Scully
People had a wide choice of places to sketch

Map of Fleet Street and Temple 
Right click and open in a new tab to see the scope of places to draw

and lots of architecture to draw...

Royal Courts of Justice (on the left) and Fleet Street
Some enjoyed the hot sun down by the river

In the sun and by the river
While others sat in the shade

How long is a bridge in pencils?
Some chose to sit inside the cafe with the excellent view of the Royal courts and enjoy a flat surface, chair and beverages of choice

Sketching with comforts - shade on a blistering hot day, cup of tea, flat surface, good view!
While others sat outside and sketched the same view

A seriously big watercolour sketch!

We met up at lunchtime at the Temple Church.  This is despite the fact that quite a few of us wandered around Temple trying to find a way in!  (It's private property and most of the doors are locked at weekends).  It's amazing just how many people did turn up!

Somebody obviously knew we were coming and provided some nice tables in the cloister for the display of sketchbooks

Looking at the morning sketches
Morning Sketches
Two of our new friends and their sketches
Then more sketching in the afternoon - of Temple Church and other parts of Fleet Street

Mark and Tom sketching Temple Church
At the end of the day there were still a lot of people around - and a lot of sketchbooks.

This is the scene in Gough Square where we gathered at 4:00pm and layed out our sketches and sketchbooks around the statue of Dr Johnson's cat Hodge (Dr Johnson's house can be seen in the background)

The end of the day - viewing the sketchbooks around the statue of Dr Johnson's cat Hodge

Sketchbooks around Hodge the Cat
Sketches in the sun
James Oses - and his pen and ink drawings of old newspaper buildings
Correspondents will be posting their sketches to this blog over the course of the next week.

Post your sketches to the new Flickr Group

If you joined the sketchcrawl yesterday and would like to display your sketches, you can now post then to our new Flickr Group - Urban Sketchers London - Group Pool.
  • If you'd like to join and want an invite please let us know.  
  • You'll need a Flickr account to be able to post images to the pool.
Recruiting correspondents for the blog

Katherine explained how we're looking to increase the number of correspondents - slowly.  We'll highlight the details in a future blog post.  For now if you didn't get one of the sheets we handed out
    • email us and we'll send you one.
    • and/or eview the "Meet the Correspondents" Page which provides more details about what to do



  1. This is excellent, thank you for posting this! Thanks to everybody who came along, it was an unbelievably successful sketchcrawl with so many great drawings produced. I just flew back so I'll be posting mine soon.

  2. seriously, they are all good in doing on their choice of interest... great drawings and for me they are look alive. Keep it up!Great post!


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