Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Statue of Gladstone & Samuel Johnson Statue

Saturdays London Sketchcrawl was a blast! I have never seen so many people all gathered together with one mission-and that is to SKETCH LONDON! It was a sunny day and simply an amazing day to unleash the sketch motions within us! I decided to concentrate on statues because, just walking from Temple Station revealed so many statues. At first site I fell in love with the Statue of Gladstone, so I decided to get that one done first. Then I walked further down and I noticed The Samuel Johnson Statue. This was my final Sketch of the day. For both sketches I sat on sand bags available as I didn't have a folding chair or anything decent to sit on. I have used an A4 Moleskine Sketchbook and used a variety of pencils ranging from: Chunky Graphites, Mechanical Clutch pencils, Oil base Pencils, Rexel Carpenters pencils and graphite pencils to the wonderful Mars Lumograph pencils by Staedtler. I have left the pictures here below which tell more of the story than words can explain.

The Statue of Gladstone Sketch
Adebanji sketching The Statue of Gladstone
The Statue of Gladstone and materials
The Statue of Gladstone Scene
The Samuel Johnson Sketch
Adebanji sketching The Samuel Johnson Statue
The Samuel Johnson Statues with materials
The Samuel Johnson Statue Scene



  1. Lovely sketches. Thanks for the photos in action, gives a real sense of artist in action.

    When I lived in London (born there), I really didn't see all these things. Now when I go back (too infrequently) I just become overwhelmed by the all the beautiful things that are there and soak in as much as I can. Now thanks to this blog I can immerse myself from thousands of miles away

  2. Jacqui- you are right, it does happen so often that when we are familiar with a place we tend to overlook the beauty of it. That's why sketching can be a way of discovering this beauty!


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