Friday 30 September 2022

The joys of pushing beyond your comfort zone with Urban Sketchers London -- by Doris Humer

Covent Garden sketchwalk 
Drawing by Doris Humer

Earlier this year as I was planning a trip to my beloved London, I was looking online for information on the regular monthly Urban Sketchers London sketchwalk in August. Then I found out that in July there would be an entire 10th Anniversary Celebration Weekend full of workshops and sketchwalks, so I quickly registered for the weekend before my brain was able to cry, 'That’s far outside your comfort zone!!!'. I have to remark that I am a beginner in drawing, hard of hearing, and I’m living in Austria -- so it was three times NOT in my comfort zone.

The Urban Sketchers London 10 Year Anniversary
Weekend Celebration July 2022

Now I am so happy that I dared to join the Anniversary Weekend. I took part in three sketchwalks, and two workshops -- 'Near and Far' with wonderful Lis Watkins, and 'London in My Pocket Sketchbook' with Gabi Campanario, the very founder of the Urban Sketchers movement.

'Near and Far' workshop with Lis Watkins
Sketch by Doris Humer

Everyone of this community was so caring and patient with my struggles in understanding and communicating in a foreign language, so I could soon relax and I started to enjoy the weekend to its fullest.

'London in My Pocket Sketchbook' workshop with Gabi Campanario
Drawing by Doris Humer

I had never been at an Urban Sketchers meeting before, so I was very fascinated by this community with most different sketching knowledge, origins, professions and ways of living. I felt the strong bonding just caused by the love of sketching the world and supporting each other in this way.

Sketchwalk at Bernie Spain Gardens
Drawing by Doris Humer

Sketchwalk next to Tate Modern
Drawing by Doris Humer

I don’t like the 'throwdowns' very much because I see so much to improve in my drawings (hello, comfort zone!), but at the Urban Sketchers London meeting it wasn’t a problem at all because I felt the non-judgmental way people looked at my sketches.

I loved to look at others' work, and was fully fascinated how great and so very different all drawings were. Also, I am proud of my own sketches and that I crashed my comfort zone that hard. You only can grow that way!

The 'grand finale' sketchwalk at St Paul's Cathedral
Drawing by Doris Humer

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