Saturday, 2 August 2014

Sketching Wren's London - what next?

Not quite everybody who was sketching Wren's London today....
...on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral at 4.15pm
CLICK to see a much bigger version

For all those who participated in Sketching Wren's London......
  1. Load your sketches onto your Flickr account - and then share them with the Urban Sketchers London Group Pool
  2. If you participated today and are not a member of the Urban Sketchers Flickr Group you can apply here - and then follow 1 above
  3. We'd like to try and find out and map how many of Wren's churches we managed to sketch so please be sure to state clearly which church it is on each image.
  4. We'll be posting a selection of the images of different churches to the blog in the coming days.
For all those who want to see what people produced - come back later and see what people have been posting - to the blog and to the Flickr Group Pool

Thanks to Pete Scully for organising this sketchcrawl - and his wonderful map and stickers!  Can you spot him in the photo?

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