Monday 30 September 2013

London on the edge ... of E18

East from George Lane Viaduct

Very small watercolours of the in-between the houses and trees of George Lane, South Woodford. I wanted to take a look at the backdrop to my part of East London, giving it the same scrutiny as if painting a building close up. The ill defined becomes the centre of attention; with a touch of foreground to put it in its place.



  1. I like these micro sketches - particularly when shown with the texture of the paper you're painting on

  2. thank you katherine, and talkwithmyhands, i like khadi paper, quite rough but has great feeling.

  3. ...really nice work there Evelyn, the paper is very much a part of it - generally when I scan stuff I end up bleaching out the paper texture which is a shame because it looks so nice here...


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