Monday, 18 July 2022

We drew Twickenham - Sunday 26 June 2022

Group photo by Jimmy Lu

[By Helen Hayhoe] 

Fourth time lucky! We finally converged in Twickenham, having swerved lock downs and train strikes.

This time we met near the station, by the River Crane, before meeting again at the Thames. A peaceful path with fallen trees and hedgerows made a good start to the day.

Fallen Tree at The Exchange, Twickenham
Sketch by Mike Whalley

Twickenham Riverside has a lot to offer. We were delighted that the Open Studio weekend on Eel Pie Island enabled us to walk over the footbridge and into that iconic spot.

Bridge to Eel Pie Island
Sketch by Anthony Mark Peters

I didn’t blame the café in car-free Church Street for suggesting that we moved along from the best locations, but not before some great work was done. Café Sunshine on Diamond Jubilee Gardens provided an excellent vantage point to look across the river.

Church Road, Twickenham
Sketch by John Boaz

On the river bank the tide crept higher, inviting the geese to chat but we didn’t get our feet wet. The boatyards and the constant flow of people and rivercraft were very engaging.

Sketch by Chris Green

View down the river
Sketch by Katy Evans

As a finale, the Naked Ladies (Oceanids) of York House provided a surprising spectacle, and we finished the day at Champions Wharf with a wide range of sketches which celebrated the varied joys of Twickenham. And not a rugby reference in sight. 

The Oceanids
Sketch by Helen Hayhoe

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