Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Let's draw Stoke Newington reservoirs: Saturday 21 August 2021

James Hobbs, Woodberry Wetlands

[James Hobbs and Sasala Wickramasinghe write]

Let's draw Stoke Newington reservoirs: Saturday 21 August 2021

Our general theme for August 2021 is Urban Nature and we’ve chosen the Stoke Newington Reservoirs as our location for the day

For our August gathering we are meeting to draw at the reservoirs at Stoke Newington, a nature reserve and watersports venue within London’s Zone 2 and a short walk from Manor House tube station. The West Reservoir, which was the location of a recent edition of the Sky Landscape Artist of the Year (featuring our own Helen Hayhoe), is a venue for sailing, wild swimming and other water sports. The East Reservoir is the home of Woodberry Wetlands, opened by David Attenborough in 2016, and home to a diverse range of migratory birds. While the reservoirs are a haven for wildlife, it is in an unashamedly urban setting, with new developments along the reservoirs’ north banks, with cafes, pubs and shops close at hand. 

Manor House tube station is on the Piccadilly line, about 15 minutes from King’s Cross. Take Exit 2 from the tube station and walk down Woodberry Down, which is straight ahead. Turning right at Woodberry Grove, or earlier, will bring you to the reservoirs.

Plan for the day


Meet by the water sculpture (above) on the north bank between the two reservoirs. It is beneath the tallest towers close to Lordship Road. 

1pm and 3.30pm

Both throwdowns and the final photo will be by the stepped seating by the water sculpture.

There are cafes and toilets around the reservoirs. 

There are cafes and toilets at the watersports centre by the West Reservoir, and at the East Reservoir. 

The Naturalist pub (with an outdoor seating area) is behind the playground on the West Reservoir, and the Zer coffee and juice bar is up the footpath behind the water sculpture. There’s a supermarket and other shops under the towers on Woodberry Grove.

In the event of bad weather, there isn’t much in the way of shelter, although there is a large awning by the cafe at Woodberry Wetlands on the East Reservoir, with views across the water.

There is more about Woodberry Wetlands nature reserve at this link.  



  1. Hi James. It's Paul. (I used to wear funny hats!) Can't make this urban sketch due to health reasons- but will make a sketch from street view. Hope it goes well

  2. Oh this is fantastic!
    I will definitely join in.
    I planned to visit London on this day and didn't have many plans as what to do yet :)
    Looking forward to meeting some of you there.
    - Adam

    1. Adam, that's great news. We look forward to seeing you on the 21st!

  3. Thanks Paul. I hope you have a speedy recovery. Another time! James


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