Monday 25 January 2021

Let's draw: Saturday Sketch Meeting 13 February 2021 - 'Naughty and Nice'

Valentine Sketch Meet: Partners not required!

Hosted by Nicky Browne and Helen Hayhoe

Sketches by Nicky Browne

It is very NICE to see Valentine Day again – spring flowers in gardens, catkins, buds on trees, longer days, bunches of roses, pinks, bright yellows and greens, reds, hearts, bows and smiles after a long locked-down winter. Rejoice!

And then this is the time to enjoy the NAUGHTY pleasures and having fun ... and not just any chocolates, but extravagant and indulgent chocolates, frothy Valentine cakes and puddings laden with almonds and cream, fresh spring vegetables, the first blood oranges from Sicily. Fizz and fun, naughty floaty lacy delights, forbidden kisses! Well - all kisses are forbidden now - but we can dream! And how about sketching your celebratory Valentine's breakfast, to be read with today's paper? Please sketch whatever and wherever you can within the current rules.

This month we are aiming to introduce a new option, to add an online element to our sketching.

11 am

We will host a Zoom meeting around the theme above. Nicky and the Admins (our new rock group) will invite you to join a live event. Nicky will introduce the session with a Valentine’s breakfast for about 40 minutes. Bring your own! You are then free to go and sketch. The Zoom link will remain live throughout the day so that anyone who wishes to sketch together at home can do so.

3 pm

We will gather again on Zoom for a show and tell, and those who wish can have a virtual drink together afterwards.

If you are interested in joining the Zoom meeting please let us know via email. Put 'February Sketch Meeting' in your subject line, and we will send you the Zoom link.

If you are sketching from London and drawing a specific place in your neighbourhoods, your sketches can be included in the new Our London map. We can then see who is where, and get a sense of place. It may help people to know who is very local to them, for when we are able to meet again in small groups.

We are very interested to know what you think of these new ideas, which we hope will combine our desire to continue to sketch in situ with the social element we all miss.


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