Friday 20 December 2019

An Urban Sketchers year in review - We drew London in 2019

Best wishes from Urban Sketchers London 
for a celebratory end of the year!

The skating rink at the Natural History Museum by James Hobbs    December 2019
With many thanks to Jo Dungey and Lis Watkins for leading us through another outstanding year.

Didn't we do well in 2019?

Thank you organisers one and all for making it happen

January 2019 Barbican Centre
Organisers Cathryn Worrell and Gafung Wong

February 2019 RAF Museum in Hendon
Organisers John Webb and Philip Stones

March 2019 Spitalfields
Organisers Nicky Browne and Helen Hayhoe

April 2019 Croydon
Organisers Lis Watkins and Jo Dungey

May 2019 Dulwich Village
Organisers Jo Dungey and Rachel Bone

June 2019 Richmond
Organisers Helen Hayhoe and John Swanson

A summer evening 19 June 2019  Southbank Centre
Organisers Jo Dungey and Zane Karklina

July 2019 Regent's Park
Organisers Steven Baker and Elwyn Edwards

A summer evening 'drink and draw' 12 July 2019 Royal Festival Hall
Organiser Lis Watkins

A summer evening 17 July 2019 Victoria Embankment Gardens
Organisers John Webb and Gafung Wong

August 2019 Greenwich and Island Gardens
Organisers Olga Mackness and Mike Whalley

A summer evening 7 August 2019 Tower Bridge
Organisers Lis Watkins and Jo Dungey

September 2019 Trinity Buoy Wharf
Organisers Jo Dungey and Gafung Wong
October 2019 City of London
Organisers Olga Mackness and Katy Evans

November 2019 British Library
Organisers Lis Watkins and Sangeeta Bhagawati

December 2019 Natural History Museum
Organisers Nicky Browne and Elizabeth Blunt

Best wishes from Urban Sketchers London

Let's Draw London in 2020!


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