Sunday 3 November 2019

We drew the British Library - November 2019

The weather forecast of high winds & rain plus the early start of Rugby World Cup final meant I was expecting a low turnout for the November sketchcrawl at the British Library. But I was pleasantly surprised at the numbers of people who came along, including sketchers from the West Country, Midlands, Manchester and even Melbourne, Australia. Richard Aitken joined us as part of a European trip and produced this stunning ‘urban collage’ yesterday.

Thank you to Sangeeta for organising the event and being such a useful source of information on the day. A brief selection of some of the drawings made below. Do check out the USk London Facebook page for more.

All those books! Work by Alison
Work by Tessa
Helen sketching
Sangeeta's view of the terrace
Watercolour by Robert
Very atmospheric piece by Christine.
Sketchbooks by Jimmy
Final shot of the group at the end of the day. Thanks for coming!
Next month we meet at the Natural History Museum for the final sketchcrawl of 2019.


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