Sunday, 29 July 2018

We drew at St Katharine Docks - July 2018

(Jo Dungey writes) What is it about sketchers and the weather? I have never run a sketchcrawl where people did not complain – too cold, too wet, too hot, too uncertain. When on Saturday 28 July 2018, we met to sketch at St Katharine Docks, near Tower Bridge, it was Too Windy. Sketches flew, pencils rolled, water bottles were tossed into the air.

I quite liked that the over-hot air which had hung over London was replaced by a cooler breeze. But I have come to see these complaints as a form of bragging. Each one of us is J M W Turner, lashed to the ship’s mast to paint the storm. We didn’t just paint the marina full of boats, the converted warehouses, the views across the River Thames. We overcame a sea of troubles and still presented an impressive range of sketches, as ever.

We don’t just have sketchbooks to show – each comes with a tale of triumph over adversity.  Congratulations all round.

Wild dogs tore my sketchbook, and it has the bite marks as proof. Did I ever tell you that story?


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