Saturday, 5 May 2018

Streets of Greenwich

Sketching every corner ...
[by Olga Mackness] Greenwich is a part of London which gives me just as much inspiration as the City of London.

Of course, the whole of London is like a universe - every corner, every step is like a different galaxy. We can only do our best to explore and draw what we find along our journey whilst discovering the great space called London.

I am very attached to Greenwich. I love wandering around through old streets, starting from High street and moving towards Greenwich Park.

Of course, everyone knows the main attractions of Greenwich – National Maritime Museums, Naval College, Royal Observatory, Cutty Sark.

But personally, I like the quiet residential areas of Old Greenwich town, with its terraces, old pubs and streets meandering up and down the hill.

Point Hill, Brand Street, Royal Hill, Crooms Hill – I often feel as if I am visiting Victorian times, checking out details like original windows, doors, hooks, tiles.

Drawing simple terraced houses and meeting with the residents, who pop out of the houses to see what’s going on, admire my sketches and sometimes buy them – this is my personal Greenwich.

In this post I included drawings from different years.

I keep drawing and finding more and more seemingly ordinary places full of history and character.

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