Thursday 1 February 2018

Science Museum LATES

[By John Webb] New Year, new pens, new experience. Went with Sketchmob to the Science Museum LATES. What an experience. The Museum closes then reopens at 6:45. When I arrived at 6:30there was a huge long queue down Exhibition Road. But the arrangements were so efficient we were all in by 7:00 and set off to sketch but first visiting one of the many 'restaurants' around the galleries along with bars, live music and interactive staffed demonstrations. I gather the other museums do similar things scheduling their LATES so as not to clash.

Great places to sketch in the warm, dry and with masses of people.
I went for a view downwards into the Broadcast Gallery trying out my new Tombow Brush pens - brush one end pen the other. A whole new technique and one which will take some mastering. I've seen so many other London Urban Sketchers use them. One has to keep up...


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