Tuesday 21 November 2017

Raynes Park Station

[By John Webb] Went with a handful of fellow painters on Saturday morning to a pub near Raynes Park Station. Most remained inside but have always been struck by the shapes and signeage by the arch under the off-set platforms. Stations are hugely sketchable - although one colleague commented that I had managed to make an interesting subject even out of Raynes Park Station!

Generally by dint of location there's interesting history too. During his lifetime Edward Rayne sold strips of land to the Nine Elms, Southampton Railway Company and the Wimbledon Dorking line. Stations were opened at Wimbledon and Maiden, which Edward enthusiastically made use of. However, this station was not built until the estate had been sold.

The adoption of the Rayne name being most likely due to Edward’s co-operative and enthusiastic approach to the lines when they were built.

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