Sunday 7 May 2017

We drew Alexandra Palace 29 April 2017

[By Elizabeth Blunt in London] Despite the rather ho-hum weather, there was a good turnout for our trip to Alexandra Palace on April 29th, and sketchers found plenty to keep them busy in the eccentric charms of north London's People's Palace.

There was, of course, that view; Jo reckoned we could see every place where we had ever sketched. Helen Pavli caught it in moody monochrone.

The prize for close observation went to Philip Stones, who captured the radio waves radiating from the old BBC mast – 'The Archers', I think, or possibly 'From our own Correspondent'.

Meanwhile some participants, fresh from a 'Space Oddity' workshop in Barcelona, had fun trying out their perspective-warping skills on the Palace's imposing facade. (This was Elwyn Edwards' version.)

Ally Pally, of course has plenty of oddities of its own, from the Lohengrin-style swan boats on the lake to the pyramids, sphinxes and tropical greenery in the Palm Court. (Thank you Zane Karklina and Andy Lee.)

The day ended in the Phoenix Bar, so called because Ally Pally has twice burned down, and twice risen again from the ashes. (Seen here by Cal Hoy)


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