Saturday 25 July 2015

Mojoless at the museum

The Geffrye's café. A5 Daler sketchbook
Sketching in the café
Today was #48th Worldwide Sketchcrawl day, so I arranged to join the Drawing London on Location group at the Geffrye Museum in Hoxton. Unfortunately, my sketching mojo didn't come too. I was ready to sketch on the train but... it was packed as the Norwich train had been offloaded onto the train I caught. I found a seat, got sketchbook and glasses out and... the man next to me proceeded to tell me all about his life as a cruise ship pianist. Arriving at the museum, it was one of those days that the scale of the building was intimidating and the gardens stunning but... nothing grabbed my attention. I decided a cup of tea was the solution, which it was as I loved the organic lamps and was lucky enough to have the people I was drawing stay as long as I sketched.

After another wander around looking at the exhibits, I chatted to a few other sketchers, then decided to head off to look for my sketching mojo elsewhere. In hindsite, I think the problem was the lack of sleep caused by the huge storm and my dog keeping me awake most of last night. Either way, I hope it is back in time for the next Urbansketchers London meeting.

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  1. Sorry about that missing mojo after your journey. I admit that it's been weeks since I've taken my own sketchbook off the shelf. Some unexpected obstacle-of-the-day always seems to jump across the path.

    Let's both of us wish for more summer sketching potential that is actually realized.

    Meanwhile, I do like the sketch you show us here.



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