Saturday, 19 July 2014

44th Sketchcrawl - London Portobello Rd

Let me introduce myself on this my first post for USk London. I am Isabel Carmona, architect and artist (watercolour and printmaking) and live in Newbury now although I spent 6 years in London pre 2002 and know it well. I am also part of USk Spain, helped as interpreter at last year's USk Simposioum in Barcelona and have recently organised the Oxford Workshop with Swasky and Miguel Herranz.

Last Saturday 12th July, we spent a great day at Portobello Rd a large group of us as part of the 44th Worldwide Skerchcrawl, an event that occurs every four months.
Special thanks to the group of Urban Sketchers Spain and Oxford that came following on from the Oxford Workshop.
The end of the day at The Castle saw at least 30 or 40 of us discussing and enjoying seeing each other's sketchbooks.

My sketches were quick as the sun was very strong and also I wanted to capture the people and the activity of the street, with street musicians and a great mix of people. I can still here the tune of the odd musician by Starbucks.
I look forward to future events!



  1. love the combo of watercolor and crayons on your sketches isabel - i need to try this more - it was a great day on portobello road - and thanks again for an excellent workshop as well!!

  2. great pieces, especially love the yellow one in the middle


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