Monday, 17 February 2014

Posers' paradise

The courtyard of Somerset House has become the regular venue for London Fashion Week.  I’ve drawn there before and find it completely fascinating.  A temporary catwalk fills the central area, whilst a host of fashionistas parade around with photographers clamouring to snap both the stylish classics and the outlandish art college creations.

The Vivienne Westwood show was due to take place at the end of the afternoon so there was a good turnout even though the weather was chilly.  There were a variety of hats, lots of fun fur and, of course, plenty of cool types in shades. 



  1. fabulous darling! haha, i was down there today too!

  2. Great idea to go and see the fashionistas! Wish I had gone along. Now I have to wait for Ascot and Henley to see them (not urban, I know but visually exciting).

    1. Ascot and Henley sound great for sketching too!


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