Friday, 24 January 2014

Tuesday Night Geek Club

Costa, Gt Marlborough St W1. Pencil and watercolour 149 x 210 mm

The romance of intellectual artists gathering for meaningful discussion over a book and a newspaper, has been replaced by groups of laptops, all too eager to communicate their world view to anyone with a charger. But I was only there for observational reasons, and a medium latte.


  1. I love your observation. Is this progress? To whom are we all actually trying to communicate our world views when we plug in, switch on and start writing?
    Oh yes, and the sketch is lovely too!

  2. hi, thank you! .... i meant to imply that it is the laptops who are in charge here but with an audience which will also include eavesdroppers and innocent bystanders, I think sometimes people are just looking to be noticed. "I think, therefore I am" seems to to have moved to "You 'like', therefore I am"


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