Sunday 20 October 2013

The Heron and some Cranes

 The Heron and some Cranes. Pencil and watercolour 149 x 210 mm

I went down to the Tate today, to see the Klee's, and after that I popped up to the 3rd floor to paint (as you do.) Then I dropped my rigger brush down one of the grates by the window. I asked the staff to run a recovery operation so I could finish up. If you can't ask an art gallery assistant to get a brush back for you, who can you ask? Needless to say, I didn't use it.



  1. I'm back in New York now, but also got to visit the Klee exhibit about the time you were there and to have the additional visual treat of seeing the river view. Silly me, I did have my camera, but left my sketch book and pencils back at the hotel.

    London just cries out for pencils on paper. I must return and remember this conviction.

  2. Hi Frances, thank you for looking. You're right, camera's aren't the same, so you must come back and do it properly! :)


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