Saturday, 8 June 2013

Houses of Parliament

James Hobbs, Houses of Parliament, London

My cycle ride to and from work takes me along the Albert Embankment, a quiet footpath/cycleway between St Thomas' Hospital and the river, which looks over to the Houses of Parliament. It's a relaxing section of my commute, and during the winter months not so busy. But now the sun has finally appeared, it's busier and the visitors posing for photos against the distinctive buildings on the opposite banks have swelled in number.
I stopped at a coffee stand near Lambeth Bridge to draw this on my way home this week. The sun was setting, people strolled by and boats chugged along, and London suddenly (and fleetingly) seemed like the most laid back place in the world. With the sun setting behind them, the parliament buildings became little more than a silhouette. It's what thick black pens are made for.



  1. I am going to get thick black pens and shamelessly imitate you, well, try anyway. I am so attracted to your drawings.
    Also I am going to pop over to Victoria and see the display Mathew organized. I will post a little report.

  2. Thanks, James. The simplicity of line is what I notice the most here ... how you have captured a story in so few lines. Thick black pens, yes.

  3. Thanks to you both. What I like is that it enables one to work so fast. It took maybe two minutes tucked into a long busy day and left me feeling I'd managed to create something out of it.


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