Sunday, 20 January 2013

Bankside sketchcrawl: in the warm

James Hobbs, Turbine Hall, Tate Modern

Well done to everyone who managed to battle through the wintry conditions to get to Bankside yesterday for the sketchcrawl – and commiserations for those who couldn't. Nathan may have better figures, but I'm sure there were more than 50 of us there. Tate Modern was a great place to be, although a hardy few headed outside to draw - let's hope they've all been accounted for.

The Tanks, Tate Modern, showing William Kentridge's I Am Not Me



  1. unusually fine pen, or large sheets for you James. You really conveyed the scale of the hall.

  2. Yes, John, the Turbine Hall one was drawn with an unusually fine pen - I reached into my bag and it was there, so I used it. That drawing is A5, the same size as one half of the Tanks drawing, which was done with something a bit meatier.


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