Thursday, 26 July 2012

David Nash at Kew

With a change in the weather, it  feels like summer has finally arrived in London. Time to revisit Kew Gardens, the mother of all botanical gardens. Kew is especially good to visit this summer because of the exhibition of work by sculptor David Nash which is spread through the gardens, but also has a stunning indoor exhibition (in case of showers).

Karin Murray and I spent a day drawing some of Nash's great black bronze pieces - they're cast from, and look like charred wood. I absolutely love them.

"3 humps" charcoal 40x50cm

charcoal 40x50cm

"King and queen II"  ink & charcoal 20x30cm
 If you're in London and want to avoid Olympic frenzy, try visiting Kew!


  1. I love the energy in your drawings. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I've been meaning to go for the last couple summers and still haven't got round to it. Definitely this year!

    there's something neat about using a stick of charred wood to represent a representation of charred wood... the circle is complete!

  3. The charcoal is so appropriate for drawing the sculpture - in more ways than one.

    The other point that's worth making about the exhibition is that it will continue to change over the next none months or so as he's still making sculptures in the wood quarry.


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