Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Around Temple Church

Middle Temple Lane, London

Pete Scully's Let's Draw London was a great sketchcrawl, and the first one I've been on, which is odd, because it immediately seemed a natural thing to do. We went as a family (Naomi, my wife, and our daughters aged 13 and 10), and I realise now that of course I have been on family-only sketchcrawls before. An occasion springs to mind when all four of us sat outside a cafe on a Swiss mountain and drew together like some visual arts version of the Von Trapp family, taking a break on our escape to safety.

The Temple Church, London

The London sketchcrawl was great fun, and an opportunity to meet people I'd only communicated with online. I also bumped into some people who had come to the launch of The Art of Urban Sketching at Cass Art, and some who I'd told about the sketchcrawl after seeing them drawing in the streets of London in the weeks gone by. But somehow I didn't meet Pete. Next time, Pete.

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  1. HI James - great that you made it to a sketchcrawl and the Pete has organised you London sketchers!
    Love the concept of the Von Trapp family sketchers - how great to be able to do it as a family!!!
    Love the simplicity of your sketches...

  2. Thanks, Liz. We weren't quite Von Trapp family size: just the four of us, a kind of scaled-down Von Trapp family for our age of austerity.


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