Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Trafalgar Square Olympic Clock

The Sketch of The Trafalgar Square Olympic Clock

Yesterday I went to Mall Galleries for the ROI Annual General Meeting and also used the opportunity to view the Lynn Stainer Painters Exhibition. While on my way back to Charing Cross Station I decided to stop and sketch the Official Countdown Timer for The Olympics at Trafalgar Square.

Sketching in progress

I sketched it while it was 116 days to go, I hope to sketch it again when it's only a day or 2 to go, if I am chanced. I sketched this in my A4 Moleskin Sketchbook with a 2B Chunky graphite stick, a 2H pencil and a 0.7 mechanical clutch pencil.

Snap shot of the Scene

For more of my sketches, you can visit my blog


  1. I always enjoy seeing your city sketches, Adebanji.

  2. What a good idea - I keep forgetting to sketch this.

    What did you think of the Lynn Painter-Stainers?

  3. Thanks Rob!¬I have always said it, if the sketches and drawings sold as much as the paintings, then I'll only sketch and draw-it's so intimate to me, no mixing, no scraping, no temperature or hues-just marks, measuring and values!

    Katherine- Yep, I think it won't be there forever so it's good to have a record of it. I really enjoyed the Lynn Painter-Stainers- I think it was a world class exhibition and a good mix too!


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